Apple begins ordering A11 processors to supply its iPhone 8

TSMC has begun to produce the 10-nanometer A11 processors that will be used on upcoming iPhone phones. Sources reveal that this deal is only one of several deals made by TSMC, which will also produce 10-nanometer processors for MediaTek and HiSilicon, Huawei Chips Factory.

The A11 processors will be the first of its kind to be implemented in 10nm FinFET processes that will be used by Apple in the iPhone 8 phones, which have produced many problems with the components, but once solved, TSMC has received the signal to complete the production of the new processors.

Other clients of TSMC are MediaTek, which initially planned to produce two new 10-nanometer processors, the Helio X30 and the Helio X35, and the third customer to plan for these processors is Huawei’s HiSilicon, New Huawei Mate Phones.




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