Twitter allows you to block notifications from people who are not following you

Twitter offers a set of advanced filters with its new update, most notably that you can pause or mute account notifications that are not following you.

Keep in mind that the latest update for the app also included the ability to mute notifications from accounts that do not have a picture of your profile, also accounts that have not confirmed their email address, phone number, and accounts you do not follow, but not vice versa.

To set these filters on your Twitter web browser, just go to Notifications, click Settings, and choose the filter box you want. On iOS and Android, you can find these advanced filters in the timeline of signals below the gear icon.

So far there is no un-follow-up feature for all the people who have not followed you after you’ve followed them, and Twitter has said that you have not enabled this feature to prevent potential abuse from people who are not following you.

This update will not erase bad behavior, but at least reduces noise and annoying notifications.






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