Apple unveils Apple TV 4K TV

After Apple TV changed the TV viewing mode, making the search and interaction with the TV easier, Apple today comes to officially unveil the Apple TV 4K.

Which provides the best resolution for a 4K resolution image, and delivers clearer images and colors in a more vivid way for a better viewing experience.

The device comes with the A10X processor, which provides twice as fast performance and faster graphics by 4 times,

The company has been working with the largest studios to provide 4K suitable content at the same price HD on iTunes, and iTunes users will automatically update the HDR movies on their library on iTunes, Apple has also collaborated with famous video services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime to deliver content suitable 4K .

By the end of the year, the device will offer Live Sports, which will show live matches, send notifications when important matches start, and display the schedule. You can deactivate this feature if you wish.

Now you can share photos from iPhone and iPad on your 4K Apple TV, and you can play games like Sky with your family through Apple TV via the iCloud phone app, thanks to Dolby Vision and HDR10 support. It also supports Siri, who can find On the content you want to see easily with your voice, thanks to its support for AirPlay2, which will be released later this year, you will be able to control the speakers, as well as the home audio system, which gives you a great experience to listen to music in your home.

The price of the device starts from $ 179 for 32 GB and $ 199 for 64 GB, and pre-order will start on September 15th and shipping will begin a week later.


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