Apple Conference Summary .. Apple iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X

Apple CEO Tim Cook opened the company’s conference with moments of sadness when he spoke of the late CEO and co-founder of Apple, Steve Jobs, who laid out the vision and vision of the new headquarters that hosted this year’s conference.

Speaking about Apple Park, which contains the Steve Jobs Hall with 1,000 people, Cook talked about technologies and details that reflect Apple’s identity in terms of team collaboration, 100% clean energy and green spaces to connect employees with Nature.

Apple will open a visitor center before the end of 2017, with applications for the enhanced reality of full-fledged headquarters exploration and roaming using smart devices. The company also provides a store to see and test new products. Angela Ahrendts, the Apple store manager around the world, later turned to the new design memory and considered stores as Apple’s largest product, moving from stores to public spaces that bring together friends and provide visitors with benefits through various sessions and workshops.

Cook returned again and opened the new Apple product chain by talking about the clock, saying that sales grew 50% year-on-year. The world’s best-selling watch has also overtaken Rolex Rolex, with 97 per cent of users satisfied, the company’s chief executive said.

The third generation of Apple watch

Just like previous reports, Apple announced the third generation of its smart watch Apple Watch Series 3, a generation that supports network connectivity without the need to use iPhone phones permanently.

The company used the screen as a receiver for the signal, putting an electronic chip without the need to install an ordinary chip, just like in smartphones. Apple said the new generation is working with a 70% faster processor with a new W2 chip to connect to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networks more quickly.

The size is the same, and it is the same size as the second generation and is available in a new color, which is aluminum, which is priced at $ 329 for the third generation without network support, or $ 399 for the supporting version of the network connection.

The pre-order will begin on September 15 and will arrive on September 22 for users in nine countries with promises to increase later.

4K Apple TV

After that, the company talked about the new generation of Apple TV devices to support the 4K HDR technology to provide brilliant colors and high accuracy unprecedented, and announced the provision of movies that support this accuracy to take advantage of the new generation in the best possible way.

Apple TV 4K works with the A10X processor, the same user in the iPad Pro, so that new generation users get twice the performance of the current generation 4 and 4 times when processing graphics.

Apple introduced the live broadcast feature of the new generation, so you can watch games and news, as well as know the results live and direct while using other applications.

The new generation of Apple TV will begin pre-orders on September 15 and will arrive a week later, starting at AED 699 with a 32GB storage space and AED 779 for 64 GB.

iPhone 8

Apple unveiled its new generation of iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus, two-face phones with three colors – black, gray and pink. Finally, after a long wait, Apple introduced wireless charging in new phones.

The new devices are powered by the A11 Bionic processor, which delivers approximately 40% higher performance, with a graphics processing chip produced by the company itself. The cameras are 12 megapixel camera in the iPhone 8, and dual 12 megapixel camera also in the iPhone 8 Plus.

The video can be recorded at 4K resolution at 60 frames per second and 1080p resolution with 240 frames of slow motion camera, thanks to a new camera processor developed by Apple with a video encoding processor to show it with the best possible accuracy.

The company dedicated a part of the conference to talk about the enhanced reality. The memory of the iPhone 8 and 8 Plus is the first of its kind in the world dedicated to this matter. The screen did not differ in size, the first phone was 4.7 inches, and the second 5.5-inch Retina HD technology in both.

Prices start from $ 699 for iPhone 8 with 64 GB and $ 799 for iPhone 8 Plus with the same storage space.

iPhone X

Not only did the company launch two phones and launched a new generation called the iPhone X X, which is exactly like what was mentioned in the rumors, it is a screen that extends across the whole front face size 5.8 inches OLED.

The company got rid of the head button while providing a bar at the bottom of the screen to unplug the screen lock and move between the applications. The face recognition feature is also available to secure the device, a feature that works with a new processor in the front camera and neural networks to prevent the fraud or penetration of the protection system, as it can not be deceived by the use of images or images.

The company said the face recognition feature did not exceed the error rate of 1 million, compared to 1 to 50 thousand in the fingerprint sensor, stressing that closing eyes and looking at the screen will not open because they are aware of the user’s view.

Apple has focused heavily on the front camera and its speed to recognize the user when looking at them only. The rear is a 12-megapixel double-lens lens.

The new generation will start arriving at the beginning of November at a price starting at $ 999 with a capacity of 64 GB. It will also be available in the UAE, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar and Bahrain in the same period.


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