Mozilla announces new initiative to eliminate fake news

Counterfeit news has become a big problem because some people do not bother to make sure what they read. The worst thing is that they publish this news, which in turn leads to the publication of false news and in some cases cause panic and avoidable anger. Easily. We see how companies such as Facebook and Google are trying to address this problem, and now Mozilla wants to help that too.

The company, which is known for its Firefox browser, has announced a new initiative called the Mozilla Information Trust Initiative. But instead of taking effective measures to curb false and false news, the new Mozilla initiative aims to bring companies and groups working on the Internet to understand the problem of counterfeit news, and collectively come up with ways to deal with the fake news.

“We believe that having more eyes and minds on anything usually makes it better,” said Katharina Borchert, who is director of innovation at Mozilla. If we can not reduce the mental burden on people and the constant concern about whether the information is trustworthy, it reduces the value of the open network for everyone who likes to participate, and poses a lot of problems. ”

Basically, while Facebook and Google are working to monitor and handle counterfeit news, the Mozilla initiative aims to address the core of the problem. Whether successful or not, a collective answer still needs to be found, but of course this is a step in the right direction.




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