LG will activate the FM radio in more of its smartphones

There are quite a few Android devices that include an FM radio chip. However, this chip is not activated by default, especially in the units of telecommunications companies. However, it seems that LG wants to change that because it has now cooperated with NextRadio to activate the FM radio chip in more of its smartphones.

Some modern LG devices come pre-chip with FM radio, including LG G5 and LG G6. Now, LG has signed an agreement with TagStation LLC, and NextRadio owners will be able to activate the FM radio on more devices. LG will activate the FM radio chip on its smartphones from now on. This will enable millions of people to easily access local FM radio stations throughout the United States and Canada. LG will do the same in Latin American countries. It will be followed by more countries later.

The company also said its current agreement with telecom operators would allow NextRadio to be pre-installed on some of its smartphones. “This alliance will allow millions of consumers the opportunity to get real FM radio through the air on their phones,” said NextRadio President Paul Brenner. Unfortunately, the names of the devices that will receive Radio FM feature are not yet detected.




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