Facebook is testing a secret application for photo sharing in China

China prevents Facebook from being on its territory or citizens entering its site, but this does not stop the clandestine deal, where it is reported that Facebook has tested a secret application of China specialized in images called Colorful Balloons.

According to The New York Times, Facebook has published the Colorful Balloons application on Apple’s Chinese App Store under the name of Youge, a fake name that matches the name of a woman seen at meetings between Facebook and the Chinese government.

By downloading the Secret Facebook application, we notice that its design is identical to that of the Moments application, and the secret application does not have any explicit reference to Facebook of course.

China has banned Facebook since 2009 and recently implemented a partial ban on Watsab. Mark Zuckerberg is trying to get his company to Chinese territory to benefit 700 million Internet users.

Facebook’s new clandestine application aims to study the behavior of Chinese users in sharing information with their friends and how to interact with their favorite social networking platforms.

In a statement to the social network, she stressed that it takes time to understand China better, but at the same time it has made it clear to Chinese companies and developers to use Facebook’s advertising platform.




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