Report: Advertise my phone V30 and V30 Plus at the same event

According to the report, LG is expected to announce the LG V30 Plus on the same day as the announcement of the LG V30, scheduled to be announced at the end of the month, indicating that there will be internal memory 64 GB and 128 GB for this category, V30 Plus on larger storage capacity, and differences in wireless audio and charging system are expected.

The LG V30 Plus is supposed to be a leading handset, so it is expected to be released with wireless charging and a better sound system.

The rumors at the beginning of the year suggested that the LG V30 would come with improved Bang & Olufsen sound, but we do not yet know whether the system will be available in the two versions or only a Plus version or whether the difference will be with the speakers.

But the two phones will come with the same screen, processor, RAM, battery and IP68 standard for water and dust protection.

The report also claims that both phones will be launched on September 15. The LG V30 will be sold for about $ 700 and the LG V30 Plus will cost about $ 875.

The phone will come with a distinctive design that can be easily grasped, it is supposed to be less thicker than its predecessor and smooth screen with minimal edges.

The report confirmed earlier rumors that the phone comes with a random memory of 6 GB, a 16 megapixel 16-megapixel camera and 13-megapixel sensor in addition to support the LG Pay service.




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