Leaks show Fitbit smart clock coming

Fitbit is currently working on a new smart clock that has leaked a number of images in the previous period, and today more images are leaked. The clock appears clearly from several angles.

The time the company called “Project Higgs” will be similar to the previous Blaze fitness track, where we will find the same buttons and the same prominent back.

But the most striking differences will be in the heart rate sensor, where the new clock will come with two red optical sensors to track the heart rate, unlike previous models that came with one optical sensor green; in addition there is a blue optical sensor to indicate the use of infrared, Means that the clock will monitor the heart rate more accurately.

The new watch will come with three color options: a silver frame and a dark blue bracelet, a brass structure with a blue bracelet and a dark-brown structure with a black bracelet.

Hourly will be an application gallery with few applications from a number of partners; but the number is expected to increase over time as the company plans to make the SDK available more widely after launch.

The clock will also come with GPS support and will be water proof to a depth of 50 meters.

The company said the hour would be available by the New Year holiday season.




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