Are VPN spying on users?

It is unfortunate that when we find the company we trust to protect our privacy on our devices is the one who attacks and spying on privacy, and this week included news in the world of security charges against the application Hotspot Shield, one of the most prominent applications of virtual network VPN.

These allegations claim that Hotspot Shield was involved in deceptive business, but the Federal Trade Commission is investigating and confirming this.

Last year, David Gorodynasky, director of Hotspot Shield, claimed during an interview with ZDNet that although many subscribers use the version that carries ads from the application, the company does not collect or store these users’ data and maintain their privacy.

The Washington-based Center for Democracy and Technology says Hotspot Shield transfers user-specific browsing activities to partner advertising companies.

In short, Hotspot Shield is accused of spying on its users for its own gains.

This information was confirmed and disclosed through a partnership with researchers at Carnegie Mellon University, and found that the VPN uses more than five different third-party tracking software libraries, contradicting Hotspot Shield’s statements. So far, all these things are under investigation without any official response or comment from the company nor official charges yet, but the important thing here is to check the privacy statement and always use any program intends to use and make sure that there is no loophole that can interfere with it.




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