Leaks show Garmin Vivoactive 3 with a round and traditional interface

While Fitbit is trying to continue its efforts to return to the market with a new wearable device, its competitors are trying to take advantage of the situation. At first Apple was able to outperform it to become number one vendor for wearable devices, but Xiaomi managed to surpass both. Although Garmin is still far from the top, it plans to release a new Vivoactive 3, which, although not a smart watch, looks and works in some way.

Leaked images show that the Vivoactive 3 does not look like traditional fitness equipment, combining the aesthetic look of tracking devices with size – not smart clock design. It looks like a sports watch because of its digital interface, and although it’s not a smart clock – it’s still a fitness device – it allows you to handle notifications and respond to messages.

In terms of the exterior, Garmin does not seem to go far from the traditional shape of the hours of fitness, where the bracelet of rubber in a classic design but with a thick structure. The clock will come with a heart rate sensor, and a height gauge is expected to help count the steps as you climb the stairs along with the traditional steps.
All of this information came from leaked images, so we do not know how much they are correct yet; but the company seems to be planning to launch the clock on New Year’s Day season, meaning we will not wait long to know.



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