Allo adds a new button for editing images and posters directly

The Allo application from Google, launched by the company aligned with its other application Duo and both applications are known to come within the applications of messaging and chatting with others, generally the beholder sees great interest received by both applications by its developers, where weekly or let’s say periodically launch update Their own.

The latest version of the Allo application has already come up with a very nice feature: adding a new button to edit the images sent directly from the chat interface. This button looks like the pen icon and will be seen on the top right of each image or poster being sent or received. To the application editor.

With this editor, you can draw pictures, add text or place posters, and then send it as a new message. The whole process is also a replacement for the lengthy process of compression. Instead, the pen icon has been added to edit more quickly and easily.

Finally, we said the update in beta, it may be launched by the server and not as a separate update, so you should download the latest version of the application by moving to his page from the Play Store from here.



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