WhatsApp tests the adjustment filters on the images

The war announced by Facebook on Snapchat has not stopped since Facebook imitates its latest features and introduced it to its various well-known services, such as the story feature in Instagram and the new status advantage from WhatsApp and other counterfeit features of its other services.

In another context, a new trial version of Wattasab with the version number of WhatsApp 2.17.297 was released today. This version has the advantage of using filters designed to beautify and modify the images before sending them, but hours later, the latest version of WhatsApp 2.17.298 was released. Indicates that the company is testing the feature and is currently launching it by mistake.

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As you can see from the image above, the effects are multiple and you can move between them by scrolling, and I would like to point out that this feature will not replace the default image editor in the application, but something else. Finally, if you want to try the version you have to download it by moving here and at the same time You must stop the automatic update process of the application from the Play Store.




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