The smart Eufy Genie amplifier from Anker looks like Echo Dot but at a cheaper price

If you have an Echo speaker and want to have the Alexa audio assistant in multiple rooms in your home, you should have bought the small Echo Dot speaker for $ 50; but now Anker has provided a small Eufy Genie speaker with Alexa audio assistant only for $ 35 .

The new speaker is slightly larger than the Echo Dot amplifier. Anker says it offers better sound quality and the same features as Echo Dot, and can do the things you normally require from an Alexa helper like ordering things, playing music or controlling smart home gadgets; After whether the new speaker is in the same Echo Dot efficiency.

The company has announced the product already yesterday but will not start charging before August 16. If the new speaker can match Echo Dot’s capabilities, Anker will have the opportunity to reach more customers who want the Alexa audio plugin in more rooms indoors.

The Eufy Genie speaker can communicate with and control other Eufy smart home products from the company, and although there are not a large number of these products, the company plans to issue lighting units and wall sockets in the next few weeks, which is expected to be also low price .

The company also plans to release a copy of the Eufy Genie speaker for $ 40, including Bluetooth support, which can allow the speakerphone to connect to external speakers to play music.




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