Galaxy Note 8 will come in eight different colors, and there are some official backgrounds for download

We have already seen the gold version of the Galaxy Note 8, and now we also have a new leaked official image revealing the other colors that will come Galaxy Note 8. From this picture shows us that Samsung’s next flagship tablet will be available in black, Silver, purple, light blue, also in dark blue, pink and light green.

With the Galaxy Note 8, a set of official backgrounds that will come pre-loaded with the next flagship tablet of the South Korean company has also been leaked. These images have been published by a Vietnamese site, but there are links to download these wallpapers for use on your smartphone. Below is a picture showing a sample of these backgrounds:

The latest releases reveal clearly that the Galaxy Note 8 is inspired by the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8, which in turn confirms the arrival of this phone with the Infinity Display screen, which means increasing screen size at the frame’s expense, removing the main button and transferring fingerprint sensor Fingers to the backend next to the camera.

Overall, the design of the Galaxy Note 8 will be very similar to the design of the Galaxy S8 / S8 phones, which is not bad, given the fact that many people are impressed with the design of these phones. Also, from this picture it is clear that the Galaxy Note 8 will have a new button on the left side will probably be assigned to the Bixby PDA.

Anyway, we should know everything about Galaxy Note 8 when it’s officially announced on August 23rd, which means we will not have to wait too long.


Here are the links to download the links: First link | Second link


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