Scanning iPhone X-ray X-Ray reveals the presence of wireless charging

Chinese Weibo posted a photos are said to be for new iPhone phones after scanning it using x-ray X-Ray. These images revealed their turn on new details in phones.

According to the images, the new device has an internal plate for wireless charging, and it appears clear in black. But it will not be visible on the new machine as it will be down the back cover.

According to earlier rumors, Apple plans to use wireless charging on all its upcoming phones in 2017, so the iPhone 7s and 7s Plus will support that feature. However, other sources confirmed this, but said that it would only be available after iOS 11.1 was launched because the system units responsible for organizing the order were not available, which would delay their arrival.

Between optimistic and pessimistic, other reports have reported that the wireless charging accessory will be sold separately and will not be located by default inside the device tray.

Wistron’s Chief Executive Officer confirmed the support for the upcoming iPhone phones for wireless charging. The CEO of Powermat also agreed. Apple also joined the Wireless Power Consortium, which is responsible for organizing and developing wireless charging, a consortium focused on the Qi standard used in Apple’s Apple Watch, which has been internally modified by Apple.


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