Microsoft Outlook Express is designed with a large search bar

Microsoft has launched a new interface for its Outlook service with a trial version of those who want to test the interface first before it can be available to everyone in weeks.

Microsoft hopes to convince users to continue using Outlook through successive service updates, making it the third design change since the service was officially launched in 2012.

You’ll notice an improved conversation review, readability of messages and attachments, and faster attachments than before.

There is also a new search interface at the top of the screen instead of the sides and will search the messages and contacts for any keyword you want.

The interface displays an overview of the attached files and images in the list of exchanged messages, which makes viewing the message content faster. You can now select people as favorites to reach them more quickly.

Now, animations and emoticons can be easily attached to messages through their own search engine. Microsoft tests some smart features in e-mail so it can identify restaurants, flight information, favorite team schedules, point them in messages, and add location information.

Microsoft plans to add more new features in the coming months, including updating the calendar and Contacts section.

You can join the new design experiment manually by activating the option at the top right of the screen, and you can undo it at any time, but in one way or another you will officially receive it eventually and Microsoft will modify what users did not like with this experience.






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