Instagram supports the possibility of inviting a friend to participate in live broadcasts

Instagram has announced a new update to the Live Live feature that allows a friend to be invited to join the broadcast so that it becomes a user instead of just one.

The network began testing the feature on a small scale at the moment, a feature by which a friend can be invited to split the screen evenly between them and broadcast live from both devices at the same time. Also, during broadcast, someone can remove and add another without problems. Once done, you can republish the broadcast to Stories or delete it entirely.

The network did not talk about a specific time for everyone to gain access. It also did not say whether it intended to allow the addition of more than one person instead of only one person.

It is noteworthy that the network of the mother of Astagram, Facebook, added a while ago the possibility of instant conversations with friends while watching the live broadcast, in addition to the possibility of inviting a friend or followers to join the broadcast.


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