Facebook closes the Lifestage application similar to Snapchat

A typical failure The Facebook Lifestage application presented by Facebook seemed like a Snapchat, but it did not get much attention from users, which led to its closure.

Originally, the application was targeted at the age of 21 years or less to be able to register an account, and Facebook presented it as a video diary for users, but it can not adjust the age of its users,

This was not the only privacy problem in the application, but its content is always so private that anyone can see what everyone is publishing, whether they are from the same school or from other schools.

Facebook withdrew a copy of the iPhone from the application a few days ago and before the Android version after a long neglect since its launch has received no significant updates. Nothing new here, Lifestage application like a large number of other applications provided by Facebook in a desperate attempt to compete with Snapchat, but all failed and stopped and withdrawn from the store.




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