Xbox One gets a whole new interface

Microsoft revealed a major upgrade to the Xbox gaming device offers a completely different design for the main interface of it. This update connects the program’s participants to the test first and will send it in the fall for all users.

The beginning of the main interface is divided into four sections, the first shows the game that you play, the second proposed friends, the third and fourth things related to games such as presentations, tips and others.

In the main interface is a large thumbnail bar showing the latest games you’ve played to access it easily, as well as the apps you’ve played. In particular, Microsoft is focusing on simplifying and speeding up browsing by removing unnecessary screens so that navigation becomes smoother.

In the guide, tabs are arranged horizontally so that they can be easily navigated, showing the login tab, achievements, group play, friends, home, messages, chat, broadcast, and more.

Microsoft has built on the Fluent Design design elements with full customization capabilities in the interface so that elements like favorite friends can be installed in the main interface alongside installed apps and games that are displayed when your friend plays.

As for Windows 10 and the Xbox application on it you can activate or disable the status of play for each game independently and separate from others in addition to the option to determine any sound you want to broadcast.

Microsoft will unveil in the coming months more details and other features that will be launched with this major update regarding the Xbox deal with Windows 10 and smart phones.




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