YouTube is testing the feature of speed control of video on smart phones

One of the most sought-after features from YouTube will soon be available, as the video giant began testing the speed control feature to make it available via smartphones like the web version.

Screenshots of a trial version of the YouTube application provide a feature that modifies the playback speed from a slow up to 0.25 times the speed to even 2 times faster.

The test appears to have been provided not by updating the application but by the server itself, and the new feature appears through the list of three points at the top right of the section under Speed.

This feature provides a lot of time when you watch certain types of videos, such as educational explanations or training lectures, so you can quickly move to the most important paragraphs by speeding up the track instead of jumping to a certain point in time. Also with slow video you can pay more attention to details that are quickly displayed.

YouTube is currently testing the feature on pixel phones and will provide it with a final version that we hope will work on all smart phones, including medium or low specs.




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