Touch may be supported in Android recovery mode

Google sent an update to the Android open source project AOSP revealed its software code on several new things planned by the company, the most prominent of which is finally support the touch control in the status of the RICOfile.

As you know, the rcFree mode only supports the control of the buttons by moving between the commands via the volume control buttons and the power button input where the screen does not respond to touch, but the new code analysis shows evidence of future touch support

The Android version of the wearable device supports the touch control in the rcophile mode. If that happens, it means a great improvement in the user experience and it is likely that one day the companies will abandon the audio control buttons and bring them on the screen as tactile and not real buttons.

It is possible to have a dual control mode for those who want to follow through the controls. If one of them is disabled, for example, touch control is possible, and if the screen does not respond to the touch while entering the rcover mode, the traditional method can be controlled.

It is worth noting that the modified RICOF, such as TWRP, has long-term support, as well as some companies that develop a modified version of RICOFRY that supports touch, but providing touch support in basic rcfree means default access to all Android-based companies.

We do not know when the touch support will be ready for the next version of Android, but a long delay in providing this support means that it will give us new and different control methods that need touch and not just two buttons to move and a button for input.






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