HomePod software unveils Apple TV 4K resolution and HDR support

It seems that the software and programming code for Apple’s HomePod system continues to tell us more surprises. It recently revealed the design of the next iPhone phone screen and the feature of unlocking the phone by recognizing the face as well as the default primary button at the bottom of the screen. Changes this time in the new Apple TV, Apple’s system developer Guilherme Rambo has discovered hints of a new 4K device with HDR HDR support for both HDR10 and Dolby Vision.

Apple TV plans to support 4K content with more vibrant colors, and Apple’s upcoming screens will support HDR, and Netflix’s broadcast networks Both Amazon support HDR and 4K resolution, so Google Play has just started to broadcast 4K and HDR content recently.

ITunes also started making a list of 4K and HDR movie users for purchase last month, raising further speculation that 4K Apple TV will be coming soon.




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