Facebook will give priority to web pages that quickly load into the news feed

Facebook continues to continue the process of modifying and improving the news feed “News Feed” where users spend most of their time. Over the past few months, we’ve seen the company make several changes to the news feed to show stories and posts more relevant to users and get rid of spam. However, the company has heard from its users that they are frustrated by the slow loading of pages when clicked in the news feed. As a result, Facebook has now announced that pages that are loaded faster will be at the top of the news feed.

An update will be made to the News Feed in the coming months, which will show users more stories and news that will be uploaded quickly on mobile devices and fewer stories and news that may take longer to load. This will help users spend more time reading stories they find relevant to their interests.

After this update, Facebook will start taking into account the estimated download time of web pages when someone clicks on it from any link in the news feed on the Facebook app for mobile devices. The company will consider factors such as the current user connection to the network, and the overall speed of the web page in question. If references to Facebook indicate that a webpage is loading quickly, this webpage may appear at the top of the news feed.

Facebook will gradually release this change over the next few months. Most pages are not likely to see any significant changes in their access rates for users in the news feed.




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