Youtube Music supports downloading songs, albums and playlists

YouTube Red subscribers may know that they can listen to music on YouTube Music without any offline connection with Offline Mixtape in the app, but this feature is not an ideal solution, as it mixes the music that is placed on the ” Offline Mixtape “, which is being created based on its own track record.

But now there is a new addition to the music service YouTube and crystallized support to download music tracks and even download albums and entire playlists and listen to them in non-contact mode, as confirmed by Google in the latest change of service record.

As for the possibility of using and save any path that the user can move to in the new “Offline” section, which is available in the application settings, specifically under the previous tab, Offline Mixtape, and on the support or assistance page, the user will find a simple explanation that explains this new feature.

Update is currently available on the application page from the Google Play Store here, or you can upload it to an APK file from here.

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