New confirmation of the arrival of a special Google Assistant button for Chromebooks

In the past, we’ve heard many reports that Google is working to bring Google Assistant to Chromebooks, since the company has already started the process of getting rid of the keyword “Ok Google” and compensating it with the Google Assistant. These reports also hinted that the new Chromebooks will come with a special button that will be designed to call Google’s new PDA. As we’ve said, a recent photo showing us a Chromebook keyboard layout has been leaked to confirm that possibility.

This Chromebook keyboard drawer layout shows us a special Google Assistant button between the CTRL and Alt buttons to the right of the Space button. This new leaked image also supports those previous reports that indicated that the forward button of the keyboard will be removed and the “On / Off” button will be added, as well as a new button called “System Menu | System Menu “.

As its name suggests, the “Assistant” button will be used to call the Google Assistant as soon as it is clicked. For the system menu button, it will most likely be used to activate the System Tray on Chromebooks and possibly fetch menus within applications that support the new button.

It is not yet clear when the new keyboard computers will arrive on the market.




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