Lenovo gives up the user interface Vibe Pure in its devices

It seems that Lenovo will stick to the basic Android systems starting from the K8 Note phone. Motorola is focusing on the experience of a high-quality software package that has allowed its own phones to emerge, and Lenovo’s parent company follows the same approach. Lenovo has confirmed that it is abandoning its user interface Vibe Pure UI for the basic version of Android systems, with the next K8 Note, which is the first phone equipped with the Android operating system Noga 7.1.1.

According to Anog Sharma, head of marketing for phones at Lenovo branches in India, the move was motivated by customer feedback and knowledge of what they wanted. So Vibe Pure was abandoned to give users what they want with basic Android versions for all their phones and phones.

Lenovo will continue to make some improvements to take advantage of Dolby Atmos and TheaterMax technologies, two of the latest technologies, but the devices will work on basic Android versions.

He also talked about the difficulties of getting rid of their own interface and said switching to basic Android systems would lead to faster updates, and that this switch also means that the next Android operating system will be more efficiently updated to be easier to support for a long time to come.

K8 Note will be launched in India on August 9th.




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