Experimental application Transforms your home into a classic music clip thanks to the ARKit package

When Michael Patterson and his partner, Candice, created animated drawings on the Take on Me music video released in the 1980s, they drew all drawings by hand, and it took them 16 weeks of hard work.

Trixi Studios has taken advantage of the ARKit Enhanced Reality Pack for the same thing in real time, so that the graphical events of the clip were shown in the real-world room and people interacted with them by default.

As shown in the video review, during the children’s dance, the application converted them all to the side of the room, to pencil-drawn animations when moving in areas drawn from the video.

This application is a fun way to demonstrate the power of Apple’s enhanced reality. Engadget noted that unfortunately the app is not publicly available, but it shows us how easy it is to implement the enhanced reality. The application is designed by Trixi based on the ARKit package, which provides tools and software that gives iOS developers a relatively easy way to weave the enhanced reality content into their applications.

While the app is just a guide to this idea, and you can not upload it, it gives you great fun, so it can interact with this virtual world, and share your videos on social media.


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