WhatsApp update Stories feature to become text with a colorful background

The case of text with a color background is available to all Facebook users, regardless of whether it is on the mobile phone or on the desktop. We have seen for the first time last year and a few months ago it became available to everyone, on the other hand this time with WhatsApp and owned by Facebook. The feature in its application on Android phones.

In order to experience this, you need to connect the update to the server or upload it with an APK copy. Go to the Status tab and search for the floating pen icon at the bottom right of the interface to show a new interface through which the background color, font color and font type are selected, along with the ability to add emoticons, Once you have finished, you can take advantage of the green transmission button to publish the situation.

This is the only extension WhatsApp has received, and as noted above this version is purely a test and this test is random among users, so it is best to download the latest version of WhatsApp on Google Play Store here, or download the latest version of the APK from here.

WhatsApp is preparing an independent application for companies and authenticated accounts so that they can communicate with customers through a separate application.




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