Google works on artificial intelligence techniques to improve images before they are captured

Google has always been keen to help you get the best photos and videos through its smart phone cameras. Among the many improvements that it has made in photography over the past few years, it has provided a white balance tool in its own images and has developed an anti-shake feature while Video shooting also.

Now, Google is moving photography to a higher level, it works to modify the image and adjust it before you pick it up.

Google, in collaboration with scientists at the MIT Institute, used automated learning algorithms, an artificial intelligence branch, to improve images in your camera’s camera lens. These adjustments are made on a case-by-case basis, rather than an automatic adjustment that works the same way across each Scene or picture.

To achieve this, the team trained neural networks on 5000 images that were modified by five different photographers, giving artificial intelligence technology the formula in which it works to modify images like the model in the previous image.

At present, the operating system that is working on these improvements can work on smartphones, but there are some hurdles such as slow performance and increased battery life, but Google is already working on the problem.




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