Google is beginning to fight low performance apps on Google Play

Google is well aware that Android applications are sooty and fattening, there are good applications which are few, and very many bad applications. At the last developers’ conference it announced new standards to raise the quality of applications in the store, and today began to apply those standards effectively.

What do you mean by good apps? Are those that have the lowest rate of breakdown and sudden stop, consume a low amount of battery.

With the application of good ranking algorithms based on performance, Google will put good applications in a higher position than the bad, which means overall improvement of the store experience in case you are looking for applications that perform certain tasks rather than a particular application.

Users of Android applications complain about problems with the stability of applications, and about half of those who gave a one-star rating expressed their opinion about the performance of the application and their concern about the breakdown and downtime.

Google did not disclose the full standards it had adopted in the application quality test, but it is logical, for example, that uninstalling the application after a short period of installation often reflects its disquiet about its performance.

With more than one million Android applications available on Google Play, the chance to discover good applications in terms of performance as well as not only content becomes less, so these algorithms need to improve the experience of use and enjoy more with Android applications to match the iPhone applications in terms of compatibility and quality.




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