Google develops technology for media content such as Discover Snapchat

Under the current battle between Snapchat and Facebook, the Wall Street Journal reported in a new report that Google is about to enter the ring but in its own way.

According to the source, Google does not want to disclose a similar application to Snapchat as did Facebook, but the US company has put an eye on the Discover feature for publishers in Snapchat to submit through the search engine.

Google has begun networking with publishers such as Vox Media and Washington Post a and Time for this project, which will be named Stamp and relies on AMP pages to show content that includes text, images, video and scrollable, just like in Discover Snap.

Google is trying to entice publishers to find their content in search engines. This is a big and attractive step for publishers. Google will also allow publishers to place content on their sites, unlike Snapchat, which only displays content within the app.

So far, there are no details about the arrangements between Google and the publishers, and Google has not officially spoken about the project.




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