Spark’s aircraft from DJI interact with the user via manual signals

Spark is a DJI-shaped droniser of a size that fits the user’s hand and can be controlled by gestures. You can maneuver it in any direction, and you can call it back home by making a big Y letter over your head, or It can track you while maintaining a specific distance between you and that plane can now get additional functionality, because DJI has released an update to its programs yesterday which will allow users to start and stop video recording by lifting their arm to the side at a 45 degree angle.

The company is also expanding what users can do with QuickShot, which allows users to make known airplane maneuvers quickly during recording, allowing users to now control Spark in Circle mode and Helix QuickShot mode. The DJI also added a new 180-degree camera mode The latest update, which compiles 21 images together to make a 180 degree panoramic image, has improved image resolution in ActiveTrack mode and Gesture Modes mode, and can now capture images at 12 megapixels of 3968 x 2976 pixels.




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