Advertisers are alienated from Snapchat ads policy

CNBC has conducted a full investigation into the application of Snapchat and its advertisers’ perspective, with the growth of Instagram’s application, which has exceeded 700 million users.

Most advertising agencies have agreed on the problems with SnapeShat, which is the lack of detailed data on how many users saw the ad, the second they were skipping, and other data that are considered to be the same as advertising on other social networks. In addition, celebrity interest in using the application, coupled with companies’ reluctance to advertise, has led many companies to move away from it, or at least to maintain the budget itself without increasing or decreasing in the best case.

“Companies believe that Snapchat is dying for now, and that’s why you want to advertise on platforms that are growing better,” said Trend Pie, chief executive officer of Trend Pie.

In an example of the declining interest of companies in the application and advertising, Curalate launched the Showroom tool, which allows the creation of advertising links for use in social networks and instant chat applications. The company expected companies to accelerate the establishment of links for the application of Snapchat, especially after providing the feature of adding a link to the story. On the contrary, less than 10% of advertisers expressed interest in creating links to the application of Snapchat, which is preferred by Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

Many companies stressed that the lack of tools to measure the performance of ads and not know the number of followers of things that keep everyone away from the platform. The CEO of Trend Pie predicted that out of 100,000 views, only 1% would see ads on Snapchat.

In response to earlier accusations, a Snapchat spokesman said the company now provides an advertising management platform. She also collaborated with a group of companies to provide advertising tools that help advertisers target and earn the desired segment, listing more than 15 tools available at the moment.

The previous problems are not the only complaints. Some people think that creating ads in different Facebook apps like Instagram is easier. Finding new content in Snapchat is not easy. Commenting on this, the content manager at Noble People said that Instagram is based on helping users to access new accounts constantly, which we need to solve as soon as possible.

Returning to celebrities, Instagram’s application allows you to easily identify the number of followers. As the number of users there grows, they are making greater efforts to create new content constantly; with a large segment of followers and premium content, ad agencies come immediately. The above has prompted celebrities to move from Snapchat to indifference.

The content manager of Noble People points to an important point, saying that advertising agencies and advertisers are looking for the audience rather than the platform, so Snapchat is still a place companies want to advertise when they can find a better platform to easily create ad campaigns. He added that Snap’s killer would not be Instagram or Facebook, but the listing of its shares on the stock market would do so.


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