YouTube will not delete controversial religious videos

YouTube continues its war on terrorist content posted on the site, which has already taken several steps last month, but now there are improvements to those steps using machine learning algorithms.

According to Google’s claim, the machine learning system is accurate and fast enough to remove 75% of terrorist videos before anyone reports them, as happened last month.

In many cases machine learning algorithms have outperformed terrorist videos compared to human staff. When you have a YouTube-sized site with 400 hours of video uploaded every minute, monitoring and preventing the spread of videos with a terrorist content is a big challenge that only a human being can do.

YouTube has collaborated with 15 experts from several non-governmental companies to capitalize on their expertise in online hate speech.

YouTube will deal with the videos being reported as having a hate speech, but when viewed, they only have controversial religious content, YouTube will put them in a limited case, accessible through search and its direct links, but it will not Suggest them to watch on other users.

YouTube has faced many criticisms from major companies that it tolerates the content of the terrorist and violent and keep it on the site, but the ads on them, prompting those companies to withdraw ads and stop the huge budgets pending the status quo, and hopes these new policies to improve the situation and YouTube is a safe place to browse .




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