Truecaller is now integrated with the Google Duo application

Last March Truecaller company emerged and announced a handful of future plans, one of which integration Truecaller with the application of visual conversations Duo to Google, has promised to support during the “coming months”, and it seems that these months have passed where allowed Truecaller a new update of its application which integrates now with the application of Duo .

Of course, this integration is a prerequisite, which has an application Duo on your smartphone, so you do not have it built magically, and the fact that it is more like a quick short to make a video call with one of the contacts, and it differs only in that it will not require you to leave Truecaller when this procedure.

Calls missed and on the application of Duo notices will also be available in the other application, and ordered the integration of this, however, the user where you can simply enable or disable the feature, and other features provided by the update adds SIM pointer to the caller’s identity, and add the paste in the number pad option, Together, the size of the application has been reduced and used for memory and finally the right-to-left language reform.

Download Truecaller from here.

Source: Truecaller


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