Mozilla Launches Self – Deleting File Sharing Service

Mozilla is entering the file sharing services market but on Snapchat, where it announced the Send service that allows you to send a large file to anyone and is deleted after 24 hours or the first download whichever occurs first.

The Send service supports up to 1 GB of files, and after uploading the file to the service from any browser, its contents are encrypted and provide you with a secure link to send to your friends.

After receiving the link, the file is downloaded and then deleted from Mozilla servers. If the file is not downloaded, there will be a 24 hour delay and the link will not be available.

The service is simply an interface where you can drag and drop the file directly without the need to register an account, and the idea of ​​deleting the file after downloading it prevents the publication of the link on the Internet and download it from other people, although this does not prevent re-uploading the file after downloading it on another site.

This service comes in several tools and services developed by Mozilla and try it for use in Firefox or other services, you can see more of the site.


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