Instagram celebrates first anniversary of stories

Today, August 2, marks the one year anniversary of the launch of Stories in Instagram, and on this occasion the company decided to celebrate by providing a new poster.

The number of storytellers has reached over 250 million users a day and is viewed by 700 million users worldwide.

Instagram has added more than 20 features since the stories were released a year ago. Stories can now be answered using images or videos by pressing the camera button while watching the story, with effects and stickers applied. Speaking of posters, you can use a self-portrait poster. Selfie allows a user to copy more than one copy in a single picture.

In addition to previous features, text or posters can be installed somewhere on the video to move with its motion. The video can also be displayed in reverse, adding a note to the story and reviewing the rest of the stories under the same tag.

The company’s latest additions to the stories are the possibility of re-publishing the live broadcast to the story. Previously, the app did not store the broadcast, but now the user and after the end of the live broadcast can publish it on the story to ensure access to a larger segment.

The Integrator application interfaces on the Android system now support the Arabic language with promises of its subsequent arrival for iPhone users. She also added the possibility of automatically dismissing abusive comments by targeting certain words.


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