HMD Launches Nokia Camera Application on Play Store

One of the common habits of mobile phone manufacturers is to make virtual applications available on Google Play Store. The first and last reason for this step is to speed up and simplify the application update process rather than wait for the general update of the system.

HMD, the owner of the new Nokia phones, has just taken a useful step towards its Nokia phone campaign. It announced that the virtual camera application will be available from the Google Play Store, although there are few applications on this store. Of applications.

For this purpose, the application will not only benefit the masses of users, but the Nokia phone campaign will be able to download the application and benefit from its future updates. At the same time, there are many complaints that have affected the application, the most important of which is the lack of panoramic mode along with the lack of manual control settings.

Finally, if you are one of the latest Nokia mobile phones, you can download the app by going to its page on the Google Play Store here, and as mentioned earlier, it can only be installed on Nokia devices.




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