Facebook reduces the appearance of slow site links in the latest news

If your site is slow, you probably re-review the topic, because it not only helps you, but even Facebook by reducing the number of links that appear in the latest news to users.

In the coming months, Facebook will apply a new update to its latest news algorithms so that it only prefers links from fast sites.

Facebook will take into consideration the speed of the Internet connection available to the user as well as the speed of loading pages from the sites, if it is slow and will lead to a bad experience, Facebook will try to reduce or prevent the preferred sites appear faster.

Facebook provided webmasters with some tips to help them speed up web page uploads to prevent them from being penalized by Facebook.

If your site is slow because there are too many items on the page or a slow server, you can take advantage of instant articles that host content on Facebook servers and open articles at high speed.




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