Facebook acquires a smart intelligence company to use in Messenger

A new acquisition by Facebook to strengthen its position in the artificial intelligence market, where it acquired the company Ozlo to benefit from its expertise in this area and adapted to its products, especially Messenger.

Most of the company’s team will join Facebook to work with the Messenger development team, and Facebook will receive technologies developed by the company and its applications and software interfaces will be closed.

Ozlo offers a smart virtual assistant that works through a company application that helps restaurant users choose the best that suits them. But the process is not done in the search engines, but in the way of chat applications such as a conversation with a smart assistant.

Ozlo evolved to offer more catering services to movie theaters and others, and later launched its own software interface for use by other applications.

If not in Messenger, the home helper that is expected to be launched from Facebook will be the reason for the acquisition. Last week, a rumor surfaced that Facebook was also developing a home audio assistant such as Amazon’s Amazon and HomePod.

We know that Messenger Facebook has a smart virtual assistant feature called M that is currently available in a test pilot version. The assistant offers many services such as creating a note in a calendar, booking a taxi from Ober or recommending food recipes.

Charles Jolley, the company’s chief executive, was a Facebook product manager and left work to set up his company in 2014 to acquire and re-employ Facebook.




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