Android applications are now able to connect to nearby devices without Internet

Google has announced the launch of the second generation of the next-generation software package for all developers, a package that allows Android applications to find nearby devices and share data with them even without an Internet connection.

The second-generation Wi-Fi networks are supported, and Bluetooth is also connected. And the devices will be able to communicate with each other easily; the company put an example of the phone to communicate with the temperature in the room to adjust the degree immediately in accordance with user preferences.

The second generation can create mesh or separate networks. First, each device acts as a data distributor, while the other is the adoption of one device as the main source of data. Therefore, using networked networks, weather applications, for example, can download and transmit urgent data so that nearby devices are able to know the weather without having to connect to the Internet. It will also provide the same data for everyone after uploading.

Using the second model, teachers in classrooms can transmit data from one tablet to all students, so that the computer is the only distributor.

The package can be used in a lot of games-style areas, or control smart devices and Internet devices as well. As any developer can take advantage of the software package, Google now provides full documentation that allows it to be fully integrated without problems.


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