The Cortana update comes with hands-free calls and texts

Over the last few years, the experience of using Microsoft’s personal assistant Cortana has been improved. This improvement has been built on the Android operating system, thanks to the update package that extended the application along with the set of features and add-ons provided by each update.

For example, the version of Cortana on Android is not different on the Windows Phone version on an equal footing, but it is nice that Microsoft pays its advantages first on Android and seeks to intensify efforts on the same system.

The latest version of Cortana on Android offers a host of new features and enhancements, most notably visual changes, some redesign of some parts of the application, the new design interface settings to become easier in management, and more importantly, the new hamburger menu instead of the lower navigation bar.

One of the new features is that users can now make calls and write SMS texts hands-free, making everything easier to access, while enhancing the user experience with this personal assistant.

Download Cortana 2.9.0 on Android from here.




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