Spotify announces 60 million subscribers and over 140 million users

Spotify has announced that its subscribers will reach more than 60 million subscribers by the end of July 2017. At a total time of more than 140 million users.

Spotivay has succeeded in adding 10 million new subscribers since March. In other words, the company has 60 million people who pay monthly subscriptions ranging from about US $ 10.

SputePay can be used free of charge without having to pay monthly subscriptions. But the experience will be accompanied by ads on the one hand, and with the lack of access to some songs for a limited period on the other hand, the company succeeded in signing contracts with some music companies to provide part of the content to subscribers only.

At the same time, the company is seeking to float its shares at the end of this year, and in light of this growth, it may be able to achieve good returns.


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