Kaspersky Launches Its Battery Life App for Android Battery

We can not say that battery consumption on Android phones is a problem because it does not last until the phone is charged again. Fortunately, new technology has been introduced on modern phones such as fast charging technology and wireless charging technology, which are at least The severity of the matter.

In terms of applications, we have heard of applications that increase battery life and help the user to get more of his mobile life, without any worries or concerns about the low battery level, but unfortunately most of these applications do not guarantee and do not sow hunger, but adversely affect the phone As a whole.

You have noticed that we did not include all the applications, as there is very little category that expresses its contents explicitly. One of these new applications is the Battery Life application, which is by the way developed by Casper Sky, and is available free and complete from Google Play Store.

With this new application, battery life can actually be increased by monitoring all applications that are run and most importantly without user intervention. It also lets you know which applications are consuming the most energy, and how to take advantage of minutes or increase battery capacity in minutes. The battery is almost powerless, but it closes unnecessary applications automatically.

Battery Life gives you a very accurate prediction of battery life, in minutes or hours, to keep the user at a constant level around the battery.

Download the Battery Life app from here.


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