India wants to ban smart cars in the country to protect peoples jobs

There is growing concern that robots are taking over the jobs that humans are supposed to take. So far, we see some examples, such as where robots can do a lot more than human beings, knowing that they are also faster, more accurate, and cheaper. This seems to be why the Indian Minister of Transport and Highway, Mr. Nitin Gadkari, did not allow motor vehicles in India.

“We will not allow autos in India,” one newspaper quoted Mr Nitin Gadkari as saying. I am very clear on this. We will not allow any technology that takes our jobs. In a country where you are unemployed, you can not have technology that takes you to the jobs of the people. ”

It is true that self-driving cars will eliminate the need for taxi drivers and personal drivers, but it has recently become apparent that self-driving cars are safer and have a faster reaction than humans. It remains to be seen whether this technology will succeed in imposing itself or not, at least outside of India.

Auto-driving can also be more energy-efficient. It is estimated that 5 million jobs could be seized by robots by 2020, and some people like Bill Gates suggest that if robots will take over human jobs, they may also start paying taxes.


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