Former Vice President of Google: iPhone captures better images than all Android phones

One of the former directors of Google Vick Gondotra participated in his Facebook account pictures of his children picked up by iPhone phone commented that the era of professional cameras has ended for many people, praising the great work of Apple, which made him take such a picture without using the flash.

Mr. Vic Gondotra added interesting words that added to his opinion. If you are interested in photography, you have to have an iPhone phone because Android phones are still years behind the iPhone for the camera.

For example, if Samsung invented something about the camera, Google must convince the innovation and need years to reach all the devices, such as Apple’s cues, which can offer features directly like portraiture mode on the iPhone 7 Plus.

For me, what Gondotra mentions is not a special experience. It gained some glamor because of the previous name of Mr. Vick Gondotra. The great development of the Android phone camera during the previous two seasons can not be ignored from companies such as Samsung, LG, Sony, Huawei or even Google in pixel phones. Mr. Gondotra ended his relationship with Android phones after leaving the company in 2014 and became captive to his favorite phone.




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