A patent from Amazon hints at the possibility of using enhanced reality to enhance the shopping experience

We have seen the success of Niantic by using the enhanced reality of Pokemon Go. However, regardless of games, can enhanced reality technology be used in other areas? Well, according to a patent recently registered by Amazon, the company seems to be thinking about using enhanced reality technology for shopping purposes.

How so? Essentially, the patent describes how to use enhanced reality technology to help users “experiment” with certain products, such as clothing. This patent describes a system that would generate a cloud of data points for actual products. For example, if you want to use your hand, the app will track your location and direction, and use the enhanced reality to put a picture of the product you want to buy, such as a fitness bracelet, a smart watch, a watch, a bracelet and so on.

By using this application you will be able to get an idea of ​​how the product will look, rather than just looking at web images or puppets presentation. Because the product looks good in the pictures or on the puppets, it does not mean it looks good when you’re wearing it. Given that several factors are taken into account, this system will do much more than just install an image, it will help make the product look as “real” as possible.

Part of the patent says: “Users who want to buy these actual products may find that the buying experience has been enhanced by more realistic offers of actual products on the devices.” While this is a smart idea, there is no assurance as to whether Amazon plans to turn this idea into reality and when it may happen, but we have seen how Apple is already trying to do something similar with ARKit and IKEA.


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