WhatsApp is prepare a separate application for companies and verified accounts

It is also known that WhatsApp aims to make profits from companies, not by way of advertisements, but by providing mediation between them and users. WhatsApp appears to be preparing the idea of ​​corporate accounts so that customers can communicate with their clients through a separate application.

A recent version of WhatsApp for Windows Mobile version version 2.17.234 has been released. The most prominent feature of this version is to prevent the use of the “correct reference” icon in the user name because it appears to be reserved for the authoritative accounts in order to avoid confusion.

According to the sources, WhatsApp is preparing for a corporate version that will provide them with various smart phone operating systems, enabling them to create, document and use accounts to communicate with customers.

Customers can use the standard WhatsApp application currently available on their phones to connect with companies who will not be able to modify account data such as name, email and website. Certain methods will be imposed and prohibited to prevent companies from flooding customers with spam.

It is clear that WhatsApp is preparing for something significant and fundamental changes that will transform the service from a chat application to an e-marketing platform and technical support. It will also provide the ability to translate messages between customers and companies to allow communication across the world regardless of the language barrier.

WhatsApp has already tested its service with companies in some areas, but with the launch of a separate application to service companies will open the door to many sectors such as hotels, aviation and others to use WhatsApp to receive requests and reservations or to report details such as delays.


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