Facebook Stories are publicly view

Three months and the feature of Facebook stories is officially available through its official application, but no one uses them as heavily as with Instagram, and now Facebook offers the ability to publish stories privately so that followers can see them, not just friends.

A few weeks ago, Facebook began to allow the public to see stories for accounts that allow follow-up, and now everyone has access.

If you allow the public to follow you to see public publications, they will also be able to see public stories, turning that personal account into a platform for a wider audience of stories to be deleted after 24 hours.

Publishing through stories may be an opportunity to reach and interact with more followers than public publications. If you want to change the privacy of the story to be public, click on the Stories button first and publish a picture or video and then see it and click the three points button and choose Edit Story Settings Edit the story settings and then change the privacy of friends to the public.

When clicked, the number of viewers will show the names of the friends who watched the story and how many followers they saw without their names.

The stories feature on Facebook and Instagram attracts 250 million users a day, more than Snapchat, with 166 million story users a day, but we do not know the ratio between Instagram and Facebook, which probably does not get the attention compared to the social network of images.




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